Best Winning Store Criteria


Once our selected committee carefully reads all the evaluation forms and considers the nominations, we will choose the top stores to be secret shopped before winners are announced! Take a look at what our secret shoppers will be looking for below.

Secret Shop Criteria


Fitting Process

Overall Experience with Sales Associate

Store Appearance

Store Operations

Purchase Details

Overall Experience

• How promptly were you greeted?
• Were you greeted with a smile and made to feel welcomed when you entered the store?

• Did the Sales Associate offer to analyze your gait for specific needs?
• Did the Sales Associate measure/assess your foot?
• Did the Sales Associate ask you what type of shoe or the purpose of your footwear purchase was?
• Were you provided a comfortable place to sit while trying on shoes?
• Do you feel you were offered a fair selection for your running experience and activities?
• Did the Associate help you try on your shoe?
• Were try-on socks available and clean?
• Did the Associate recommend specific shoes or type of shoes?

• Please select the level of professionalism (polite and respectful) of the Sales Associate(s) that helped you.
• Did the Sales Associate(s) discuss apparel or other products while you were in the store?
• Rate how knowledgeable and how much assistance the staff proved overall.
• How would you rate the Sales Associate(s) on their attire? Was it appropriate for the store? Was the staff easily identifiable?
• Please list the name(s) of the Associate(s) that helped you today.
• Were you thanked and/or asked to returned?

• Was the store well-lit and easy to maneuver?
• Was the merchandise presented in a way that was easy to understand and shop? (e.g. signs, mannequins, displays)
• How inviting and comfortable was the store?

• Through signage, displays, interaction with associates, etc., were you made aware of any of the following? Check all that apply. Upcoming Events, Training Programs, Run Club Membership, Educational Seminars, Community Races, In-Store Events
• Did the associate ask for your physical address or email address?
• Rate the assortment of accessory products (ie – socks, insoles, water bottles, hats, etc.)
• Was the check-out procedure easy and intuitive?
• Were there any extra special additions to improve your check-out experience? (ie – Eco-friendly bag, re-usable bag, App check-out option, walked around to hand the bag directly to you, promo or future coupon offer, etc)
• If so, describe the special addition that was made to improve your check-out experience.

• Did you purchase footwear during your visit?
• What shoes did you purchase (brand & style)?
• What was the final price of the shoes you purchased?
• Please comment on anything else that would be important to share about this visit.

• How would you rate your overall experience?
• Would you refer a friend to this store?
• Please add anything positive or negative that you experienced during your visit.

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