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Run Gum

Run Gum is a functional chewing gum formulated with athletes in mind, but created for busy people on the go. Chew Run Gum when you need an immediate boost of energy.

Run Gum is infused with Caffeine, B-Vitamins, and Taurine. It comes in both regular strength and extra strength. Run Gum’s regular strength comes packed with 50 mg of caffeine in each piece and for those moments when you need an extra boost we have our extra-strength product with 100mg of caffeine in each piece.

Why Gum?
Because when you chew, you absorb the active ingredients through sublingual and buccal absorption. What is that? It is a faster delivery method utilizing the tissues in your mouth. Begin feeling the benefits within a few minutes versus the 30-40 minutes it takes with drinks, shots or gels.

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