Race Director Sessions

Here's a look at the 2019 Race Director Sessions

Race Director Sessions
05 Dec 2019

The BibRave 100 Awards Luncheon

Presented By: BibRave
Award-winning race directors from all over the country will come together again to be recognized for their achievement in event management in the following categories: TOP 20 Marathons TOP 20...
Tim Murphy
Jessica Murphy
Sarah Bowen Shea

Memorable Event Experiences: Unlocking Race and Brand Opportunities

Experience is currency. Races and brands have a unique opportunity to create memorable experiences for runners and participants during an extended, emotionally-charged moment in that person’s life. But to stand...
Chris Heuisler
Matt Weiss
Matt West
JT Service

Leveraging Connected Fitness

Virtual and digital experiences and platforms have popped up left and right. In this panel you’ll learn more about the trend, and how can races and brands leverage connected fitness...
Jeff Dengate
Christine Burke
Mike McCarthy
Kate Maxwell

Sustainability on Race Day and Beyond, Presented by Recover Brands

Sustainability isn't a single decision or event, it's a holistic approach that encompasses a wide range of actions. Join us for a discussion on how events are leading the charge...
Shelley Villalobos
Bill Johnston
Brian Mister
Christy Slye

Building REAL Community: The Intersection of Digital and Local

Social media has changed the way we connect with tribes across the country and the world. But, IRL still matters, and authenticity is king across channels. We’ll discuss ways to...
Ryan Conrad
Sarah Bowen Shea
John Cappella
Tim Murphy

Stoking Egos: Celebrating The Runner Year Round

Increasingly, runners expect (demand!) to know how running this race or that experience will contribute to their own “brand building” - will there be ample opportunity to showcase and celebrate...
Aryal Smith
Jessica Murphy
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