November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

Deep Dive: Visual Merchandising in the New Run Retail World

Nov 29 2022

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM CST

From traffic flow to mannequins to shoe walls, insight into the Best Practices for running store design to serve changing consumer shopping habits.

In this presentation, we’ll be diving in to the best practices of Visual Merchandising that will apply directly to your running store. We’ll look closely at what kind of an impact simple things such as mannequins, signage, proper fixture placement and high impact footwear walls can have on the shopping experience you create for your customers. We will also discuss apparel display challenges and solutions as well as how important it is to create proper traffic flow in your store that encourages customer exploration of your entire space. You’ll go home inspired and full of lots of tricks, tips and ideas on how to improve your visual merchandising and excite customers, both new and old, to increase their engagement in your store and to purchase more. This presentation will be very visually heavy, inspiring you with lots of photos both from inside the running industry as well as other channels that influence merchandising trends globally.


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- Retail Scientist

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