November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

Pathways to More Sustainable Athletic Products

Nov 30 2022

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM CST

Session presented by Pressio

This presentation will help guide attendees to a broader understanding of what true sustainability means to apparel products and will show the Next Generation of methods and materials available today and coming to market to bring complete sustainability to our industry.

Developing sustainable products that make a difference will be presented through 7 key areas that Pressio has defined as the 7 Pillars of Sustainability. The attendees will be guided through each facet, its importance, and its current and future availability. Attendees will leave the presentation with a better understanding of the materials and processes that create the apparel and true sustainability. This knowledge will help attendees to make better decisions and ask better questions of their brands to be sure their own company’s sustainability goals align with their purchases.
In a world where all brands seem to call themselves sustainable, this presentation is perfect for anyone who ever wanted to know what is the real difference between products and what makes a product truly sustainable.


Pressio and Athletic Endeavour Consultancy Group

- Founder

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