Recommerce in 2023 and Beyond

Session presented by Relay and Pacers Running The Running industry is special in a lot of ways. One way we are no different than other retail channels is in the massive amounts of returns and waste being created every day. The team from Relay has a Running Industry specific solution. In this presentation, we will […]

New Product Showcase and Indie 5K Awards

See which brand receives the most New Product Showcase votes and receives a cash prize to donate to the charity of their choice. Also stop by for the Indie 5K awards ceremony!

Connecting to The Trail Curious Community

Session presented by the American Trail Running Association Panelists will share brand, event, and retail experience related to building and prospering the trail community, citing relevant examples and actionable steps

Creators in the Space

Hear our panel of award-winning creators share their stories and tips on how to use podcasts, video, and social media to connect with, educate, and inspire your audience!