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Raj Dhiman

Raj Dhiman is a Co-Founder and the Chief Rainmaker at Retail Strategy Group. He works behind the curtain to drive sales, marketing and business development for the firm.

Occasionally, he pokes his head out and takes the stage to present to audiences.

The path to Retail Strategy Group has not been an obvious one. He tried his hand at professional wrestling and went undefeated in training camp. He then graduated from the University of Toronto with his doctorate in Chemistry and authored three academic papers.

After briefly working on artificial blood research, Raj left the academic world behind to take up selling retail tech. He went from crushing quota as a rep to leading sales training and then taking the helm of a sales team within three years.

He eventually ditched full-time employment and founded RSG with Liza Amlani. Since then, he has traveled more in 2022 than in his entire life and takes up running, hiking or rock climbing at each destination.


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