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Best Running Stores Buzz Kit

Spread the word that you're a 2022 Best Running Store!

Buzz Kit

Congratulations! It’s time to share this special achievement with your community. The materials on this page provide sample social media copy, graphics, and branding guidelines you can use share and celebrate being a 2022 Best Running Store.

Social Media Promotional Graphics

To download the images on this page, simply right-click, select “Save As,” and save to an easily accessible location. The images will save as the correct size for each social media platform.


Facebook + Instagram

Instagram Story

Twitter and LinkedIn

Website Badge

Add this simple badge to your website and share the news with your online customers!

Logos and Usage

Simply click the logos below and save to your device.
  • Provide at least as much padding around the logo as possible so it appears clean and uncluttered
  • Contact us with any questions regarding usage
  • Change the shape, proportion, color, or orientation of the logo
  • Use an out-of-date version of the logo
  • Use the logo in a phrase or sentence
  • Lock up the logo with your own logo

On light backgrounds, use the full-color logo.

On dark backgrounds, use the white logo.

Best Running Stores Brand Colors

Primary Blue
  • Hex Code: #0E2B4D
  • CMYK: 100 / 84 / 41 / 41
Secondary Blue
  • Hex Code: #038BB3
  • CMYK: 83 / 33 / 18 / 0
Questions? Reach out to Attendee Relations Coordinator Hannah Schnyder at
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