November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

Logos and Graphics

Spread the Word About #TRE24

The materials on this page provide sample social media copy, graphics, and branding guidelines that you can use to share your #TRE24 participation with your community!
To make promoting your presence at TRE easier than ever, our team is utilizing a one-click social sharing tool called “Gleanin.” Simply click below to access helpful links, social media graphics, and pre-written copy—ready to share on all your social accounts (and email) at the click of a button.

Questions? Email TRE Marketing Coordinator Mikayla Zordan at [email protected].

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TRE Brand Colors

Primary Blue

  • Hex Code: #0E2B4D

  • CMYK: 100 / 84 / 41 / 41

Secondary Blue

  • Hex Code: #038BB3

  • CMYK: 83 / 33 / 18 / 0

Logos & Usage


  • Provide at least as much padding around the logo as possible so it appears clean and uncluttered

  • Contact us with any questions regarding usage


  • Change the shape, proportion, color, or orientation of the logo

  • Use an out-of-date version of the logo

  • Use the logo in a phrase or sentence

  • Lock up the logo with your own logo

On light backgrounds, use the full-color logo.

On dark backgrounds, use the white text logo.

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