November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

#TRE23 Media Contact Information

Find contact information for the professionals representing #TRE23 attending media.

Company Name Position Email
Another Mother Runner Sarah Bowen Shea Brand Director + Podcast Host [email protected]
Ashley Mateo Ashley Mateo Writer, Freelance [email protected]
Austin Fit Magazine Drew Terry Publisher [email protected]
Barefoot Run Review Nicholas Winder Writer [email protected]
Believe in the Run Thomas Neuberger Founder [email protected]
Believe in the Run Robbe Reddinger Senior Editor [email protected]
Believe in the Run Brandon Rossi Photo & Video Lead [email protected]
Believe In The Run Jarrett Weisberg Wide Foot Expert [email protected]
Believe in the Run + Featherstone Nutrition Meghann Featherstun Sports Dietitian [email protected]
C2 Media Ventures LLC Chris Chung Content Creator [email protected]
Coastline Creatives Erin Azar Creator [email protected]
Coastline Creatives Regan Cleminson CEO [email protected]
Coastline Creatives Kat Hess Talent Manager [email protected]
Contra-Relogio Fernanda Paradizo Editor [email protected]
Corrida no Ar/Sub4 Henrique Farias Reporter [email protected]
Easy Run Sebastián Campos Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Emily Holland Emily Holland Consulting Podcast Strategist/Consultant [email protected]
Endurance Sportswire/ Outdoor Sportswire Tina Wilmott Editor/Publisher [email protected]
Erin Bailey Erin Bailey Creator [email protected]
Feisty Media, “I Could Never Do That” Carrie Barrett Writer, Podcast Host/Producer [email protected]
The Fit Fork Jennifer Fisher Owner [email protected]
FloSports Taylor Doganieri Video Producer/Editor [email protected]
FloSports Johanna Gretschel Content Creator [email protected]
FloSports John Turner VP, Content [email protected]
FloSports Philip Vonthron Content Partnerships [email protected]
FloSports Jennifer Zahn Sr. Director, Content [email protected]
Footwear News Peter Verry Senior Editor [email protected]
For The Long Run Jonathan Levitt Podcast Host [email protected]
FORDY RUNS Christopher Ford Owner [email protected]
Formula4 Media / Footwear Insight Cara Griffin Editorial Director [email protected]
Fortius Media Group LLC Larry Eder Editor [email protected]
Freetrail Dylan Bowman Owner [email protected]
Gear Junkie Craig Randall Journalist [email protected]
GearMashers Kathleen Crandall Owner [email protected] Tom Crandall Owner [email protected]
Grupo Estado Silvia Ramos Freelance Writer [email protected]
Half Marathon Guide Michael Mazzara CEO [email protected]
Hardware Upgrade SRL Paolo Corsini Editor in Chieft [email protected]
The Health Hustle – Austin Texas Corey Hiben Podcast Host [email protected]
Hearst Runner’s World PJ Thompson Coach / Creator [email protected]
HJMT Media Company LLC Hilary Topper Blogger [email protected]
IMPACT Magazine Syl Corbett Researcher/Writer [email protected]
IMPACT Magazine Elaine Kupser Publisher & Editor-in-Chief [email protected] Bryon Powell Founding Editor [email protected]
Julia & Luís Marketing Esportivo Julia Sette Content Creator [email protected]
Kofuzi Michael Ko Shoe Reviewer [email protected]
THE LAST LAP MEDIA Mario Alarcón Editor [email protected]
THE LAST LAP MEDIA Felipe De Larraechea Director [email protected]
LongRunLactic Bernard England Founder/Editor/Host [email protected]
Marathon Handbook (Broadsea Media) Thomas Watson Editor-in-Chief [email protected]
Marathon Handbook, Well+Good, Women’s Running Amber Sayer Fitness Writer [email protected]
Marathon Handbook Katelyn Tocci Managing Editor [email protected]
Marathon Running Podcast Letty Lundquist Podcast Host [email protected]
Marni on the Move Media Marni Salup Host/ Founder [email protected]
Meta Endurance Alex Filitti CEO [email protected]
The Old Ultra Runner Jay Teinert Influencer [email protected]
Ouest France/ Running Attitude Stephane Cugnier Journalist [email protected]
Outside, Inc. Jonathan Beverly Senior Running Editor, Gear [email protected]
Outside, Inc. Sharon Houghton SVP, Strategic Partnerships [email protected]
Outside, Inc. Andrew Lyle Social Media Manager [email protected]
Outside, Inc. Brian Metzler Editor [email protected]
Outside, Inc. Melanie Mitchell Brand Director [email protected] Jay Dicharry Contributing Editor [email protected] Lisa Jhung Writer/Editor [email protected]
OutsidePR Spencer Moore Account Executive [email protected]
OutsidePR Gordon Wright Media Director [email protected]
Outside/Trail Runner/Triathlete Adam Chase Freelance [email protected]
RaceTimes Magazine Danny Faupel Associate Publisher [email protected]
Richard Runs Trails Richard Elkins Influencer [email protected]
ROADRUNNINGReview Carles Nebot Press [email protected]
RoadTrailRun Renee Krusemark Contributor [email protected]
RoadTrailRun Sally Reiley Product Tester/Reviewer [email protected]
Run Oregon Matthew Rasmussen Owner / Administrator [email protected]
Run To The Finish Amanda Brooks Owner [email protected]
Run Your Story Network Allison Gaillard Podcaster [email protected]
Run Your Story Network Grey Gaillard Editor/Photographer [email protected]
Runhood Azalea Phinata Content Manager [email protected]
Runhood Muhammad Thorofi Ramdan Videographer [email protected]
RUNNEA Gorka Cabañas Serna Content Director [email protected]
RUNNEA Jorge Garcia Betanzos CEO [email protected]
RUNNEA Lionel Nattes France Country Manager [email protected]
The Running Effect Dominic Schlueter Founder and CEO [email protected]
Runner’s World Amanda Furrer Test Editor [email protected]
Runner’s World Tayor Dutch Contributing writer [email protected]
Runner’s World, Women’s Running, SELF Emilia Benton Freelance journalist [email protected]
Running Northwest Jeremy Krall Managing Editor [email protected]
Running Insight Michael Jacobsen Editor [email protected]
Running Insight Debbi Page Fashion Editor [email protected]
Running Insight Danny Smith Senior Writer [email protected]
Running ShoesLetter Cregg Weinmann Owner [email protected]
RunnerSpace Chris Nickinson Chief Engagement Officer [email protected]
Ryan Clayton Productions LLC Ryan Clayton Freelance Content Creator [email protected]
Scott Rokis Productions Scott Rokis Director, Photographer [email protected]
Singletrack Scott Hickenlooper Videographer/Photographer [email protected]
Singletrack Finn Melanson Founder/CEO [email protected]
Size 15 Runner Blog Benjamin Massoud Blogger [email protected]
Sylvana Gómez / ASICS Sylvana Gómez Journalist / Producer [email protected]
TENISCERTO Eduardo Suzuki Content Creator [email protected]
Talk Commerce Brent Peterson Podcast Host [email protected]
Tennessee Valley Outsider Alan Clemons Co-Founder / Editor [email protected]
Tennessee Valley Outsider Chad Gay Co-Founder [email protected]
TRAILRUNNINGReview Aran De Mingo Press [email protected]
TRAILRUNNINGReview Marcel Palau Press [email protected]
UltraRunning Magazine Amy Clark Editor-in-Chief [email protected]
UltraRunning Magazine Heather Pola Media Writer [email protected]
UltraRunning Magazine Jeffrey Stern Assistant Editor [email protected]
UltraSignup & UltraSignup News Annemarie Kruse Director of Marketing [email protected]
WearTesters Drew Whitcbom Cofounder [email protected]
WholeFoods Magazine Nancy Trent Editor [email protected]
Youth Runner Magazine | Gosportz Media Dan Kesterson Editor [email protected]
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