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Here's a look at the 2019 Conference Schedule

Day 1
03 Dec 2019
Day 2
04 Dec 2019
Day 3
05 Dec 2019

wear blue: run to remember

Presented By: The IRONMAN Group
Lisa Hallett created wear blue: run to remember after her husband, John was killed during deployment. She will share what has transpired and the lives that have been touched since...
Lisa Hallett

Panel: State of Run Retail

Chris Farley, owner of Pacers Running and host of the Pace the Nation podcast, will moderate a lively interactive discussion on the current state of run retail. Many people think...
Chris Farley
Ellen Brenner
Josh Levinson

Panel: Expanding Points of View – the Evolution of Our Channel

A thoughtful and future-focused panel discussion on the evolution of the channel, reflection on the values of the next-generation consumers and operators, and the organizational shifts needed to evolve our...
Jim Weber
Burke Beck
Kathy Dalby
Robyn Goby
Melissa Worth

Hiring: How to Build a Strong Bench

The hiring of new employees is a process that cannot be left to chance. The future of your business depends on the quality of your hiring process. Every new employee...
Leslie Cunningham

Panel: ABCs of CBDs

This panel of experts will examine the growing category of CBD products. What benefits do they offer to runners and endurance athletes? What are the legal issues store must be...
Evan DeMarco
Tim Gordon
Floyd Landis

Speed Networking

Speed Networking will take place in two different breakout rooms, each room with 8 different vendors. The same 8 vendors will remain in their designated room for two 45-minute time...
Tom Griffen
Daemon Filson

The Power of Running Power

Learn about one of the hottest topics in the industry – Running Power. Jim Vance and Gino Cinco explain what running power is and how it can help make you...
Gino Cinco
Jim Vance

What Runners Say to Runners

What most influences product consideration with shoppers? It's shifted from training the retail sales staff in the 90's, to building communities of influencers through promotions and events in the early...
Paul Kirwin

Everything You Need to Know about Taping

Presented By: Rock Tape
Steve Capobianco, DC, DACRB, CCSP, CSCS

Job Descriptions vs Core Competencies

A job description is an internal document that clearly states the essential job requirements, job duties, job responsibilities, and skills required to perform a specific role. A more detailed job...
Leslie Cunningham

Speed Networking

Speed Networking will take place in two different breakout rooms, each room with 8 different vendors. The same 8 vendors will remain in their designated room for two 45-minute time...
Tom Griffen
Daemon Filson

Sustainability is a Business Imperative: Do you have a plan?

The outdoor experience is at threat, customer expectations are changing, and sustainability is rapidly becoming a license to do business. Do you know what it takes to make true progress...
Amy Horton

Attract and Retain the Right Employees: Retirement Planning for Your Business

Former Running Industry professional, Derek McDaniel will provide an open forum to discuss retirement plans for small business owners. Workplace retirement plans may help your bottom line, enhance employee satisfaction,...
Derek McDaniel

Beyond the Billboard: How Biomechanics Drives What’s on Your Retail Wall

Shoe design has pivoted over the past decade. The uppers, midsoles, and outsoles are now purposefully designed, engineered, and integrated. Boa is hosting a talk to help retailers understand WHY...
Dan Feeney
Matt Trudeau
Pedro Rodrigues
Spencer White
Jay Dicharry

Now #Trending: Social Media Tips & Tricks

As our world and social media changes, is your business? Join Adriana Zeman, Vice President, Customer Services at Promoboxx, as we discuss major social media trends impacting run specialty retailers...
Adriana Zeman

The Power of Running Power

Learn about one of the hottest topics in the industry – Running Power. Jim Vance and Gino Cinco explain what running power is and how it can help make you...
Jim Vance
Gino Cinco

The Big Pitch

Presented By: Brooks, Balega, Body Glide & Amphipod
Don't miss this exciting new addition to TRE! Watch 3 finalists pitch their ideas of how they would use $5,000 to attract new, younger consumers to their store. The selected...

Peer Networking Breakfast

Presented By: RIA
Sponsored by RIA | Moderated by Tom Griffen Share best practices on a variety of topics with your peers over breakfast on Wednesday morning. Topics include - 1. UPTs 2....

Running Market Trend

Join The NPD Group for an overview of year-to-date market performance of the U.S. running industry. Don't miss this opportunity to hear expert insights on retail sales trends shaping the...
Dirk Sorenson

The BibRave 100 Awards Luncheon

Presented By: BibRave
Award-winning race directors from all over the country will come together again to be recognized for their achievement in event management in the following categories: TOP 20 Marathons TOP 20...
Tim Murphy
Jessica Murphy
Sarah Bowen Shea

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Storytelling is a critical part of a store's ability to connect with its local customers. A strong retail brand today is built around the ability to show, tell and amplify...
Ryan Callahan & Rita Carroll

How technology can help you run a more profitable business

Customer experience extends far beyond having pleasant staff interactions. Today’s retailers need the right tech to make sure that they’re meeting shopper expectations. Lightspeed will offer a few ways that...
Ahmed Rachedi

Memorable Event Experiences: Unlocking Race and Brand Opportunities

Experience is currency. Races and brands have a unique opportunity to create memorable experiences for runners and participants during an extended, emotionally-charged moment in that person’s life. But to stand...
Chris Heuisler
Matt Weiss
Matt West
JT Service

The specialty brand experience: What does this look like for your target consumer in 2020.

This discussion will focus on the what three of the most consumer-centric, specialty brands are doing to be discovered by their target consumer, nurture the relationship with that customer when...
Kristin Carpenter
Lisa Mullen

Leveraging Connected Fitness

Virtual and digital experiences and platforms have popped up left and right. In this panel you’ll learn more about the trend, and how can races and brands leverage connected fitness...
Jeff Dengate
Christine Burke
Mike McCarthy
Kate Maxwell

Sustainability on Race Day and Beyond, Presented by Recover Brands

Sustainability isn't a single decision or event, it's a holistic approach that encompasses a wide range of actions. Join us for a discussion on how events are leading the charge...
Shelley Villalobos
Bill Johnston
Brian Mister
Christy Slye

The Science of Recovery Footwear

This presentation aims to discuss the role of Oofos shoegear as a tool for running recovery. The science behind the research is explained with a hope to offer the athlete...

Building REAL Community: The Intersection of Digital and Local

Social media has changed the way we connect with tribes across the country and the world. But, IRL still matters, and authenticity is king across channels. We’ll discuss ways to...
Ryan Conrad
Sarah Bowen Shea
John Cappella
Tim Murphy

Stoking Egos: Celebrating The Runner Year Round

Increasingly, runners expect (demand!) to know how running this race or that experience will contribute to their own “brand building” - will there be ample opportunity to showcase and celebrate...
Aryal Smith
Jessica Murphy

#RTKSmartStore Open-To-Buy: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Run retailers are working hard to make sure they're buying the right inventory in an attempt to predict their customers' needs months in advance. But the lack of certainty and...
Dan Kowalke

FILM: Gediminas Grinius and his Grand Slam Journey

Gediminas Grinius, Lithuanian Ultra Runner, takes on the US based Grand Slam with 4 of the most iconic 100 mile Ultras in the world. Watch him in success and struggle...

Trailhead Open

Trailhead Thursday Day 2 of Training Camp at TRE Thursday will focus on the growing trail running category and will feature presentations from top athletes, brands and retailers highlighting opportunities...

Redefining the Future of Fit: Boa’s Commitment to Biomechanics

Boa Technology, makers of the award-winning Boa Fit System, is pioneering new ways to advance human performance through fit. Through the launch of Boa's state-of-the-art Performance Fit Lab and in...
Dan Feeney
Clark Morgan
Shawn Neville

DIRT POWER – Getting More Women into Trail Running

Trail running is, at its core, an act of empowerment; no wonder more women than ever are hitting the dirt. Though female participation continues to rise the sport remains male...
Sharon Barbano
Anne Cavassa
Marcy Schwam
Nancy Hobbs
Katie Pyle

How to Build Your Trail Running Community

With more and more runners taking to the trails, it’s an incredible opportunity for stores to expand their community. But where do you start? How do you best engage your...
Erin Cooper
Steff Gardner
Jake Crowe

How Can Your Shop Build and Serve the Local Trail Community?

With trail running booming in popularity, chances are there are a lot of trail runners in your area. How can you bring those trail runners together to serve as a...
Patrick Reagan
Erik Stanley

CBD Products and the Everyday Athlete

Join Floyd Landis, Founder and President of Floyd's Leadville, for insights on how CBD is being used by everyday athletes.
Floyd Landis

Tecnica Footwear – Shaped for You

Presented By: Tecnica
Tecnica has disrupted the footwear industry by introducing the world's first fully customizable performance trail running shoe called ORIGIN. Thanks to our proprietary technology and process, trail runners can experience...
Federico Sbrissa

The Mountain Outpost LIVE

"Join Mountain Outpost for a LIVE version of their popular weekly news show hosted by Jam Jam. He'll share the craziest stories to happen in running for the week with...
Jamil Coury
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