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Day 1
27 Nov 2018
Day 2
28 Nov 2018
Day 3
29 Nov 2018
Day 4
30 Nov 2018
Presented By: Aftershokz

What Specialty Running Stores Can Learn from the Big Guys While Leveraging their Indie Edge

An experienced editor specializing in the retail sector and the consumer economy, Barbara Thau, will talk about the viability and strength of independent stores in today’s changing business environment.
Barbara Thau

How Digital is Changing the Customer Journey

Since 2003, The Mann Group clients have included numerous Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. The common thread through their work is...

The Last Numbers Presentation You’ll Ever Have to Sit Through

Neil Schwartz and Patty Kelly of SportsOneSource share data and insights on the running business. What’s going on in all retail channels and what it means for the future of...
Neil Schwartz
Patty Kelly
Presented By: SportsOneSource
Presented By: Balega & Implus Brands
Presented By: Saucony
Presented By: Saucony

A Day in the Life

How do doctors and run stores ever work together? Real life scenarios, how to avoid pitfalls and make the relationship a win for everyone.
Robert Conenello

How to “Green” Your Race

Make your race environmentally sound. Learn from Races who have done it, including The Big Sur Marathon.
Presented By: Recover Brands

Run Safer

RunSafer is a program created by Two-Time Olympic Distance Runner and Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Todd Williams. This one-hour session will teach you safety techniques and tips to help...
Todd Williams
Presented By: ASICS
Presented By: Promoboxx

What Running Stores Can Learn from Shoe Stores

Run stores are known for their passion and high levels of customer engagement. Shoe stores are known for their business expertise, inventory management and ROI. What can the two learn...
Rick Ravel

Back to the Future – Lydiard Principles for the Modern Runner and Retail Store

Pain-free, healthy, and sustainable physical activity is essential for what JFK described as "the vigorous life". During the same era and born out of cardiac rehab, the Lydiard Principles became...
Mark Cucuzzella
Presented By: Recover Brands

Connecting Communities, Customers and Categories

How to grow your business with add-on sales via a Fleet Feet store success story.
Blaine & Robin Lewis

Modern Marketing for Races

Learn from top races how they are cutting through the clutter and spending money in the most efficient ways.
Tim & Jessica Murphy
Presented By: BibRave
Presented By: The North Face
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