November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

Let’s Talk About Flex

Let’s talk about flex, baby. Let’s talk about shoes and me. Let’s talk about all the good things all the fast things that may be. Let’s talk about flex. Carbitex is the leader in unique flexible carbon fiber composites. Our technologies unlock benefits for the runner never before possible with traditional carbon fiber. Our technologies […]

Six Legs are Better than Two! Cater To Your Customer’s Loyal Running Partners

We’ll teach you how to build a new community for your store with runners and their four-legged partners. Learn how to incorporate specialized gear for people who run with their dogs. Stunt Puppy will share FAQs and answer your questions about running with dogs to coach your staff and customers. Session Sponsored by: Stunt Puppy

Rich Roll & Courtney Dauwalter: Thoughts from the Trails

This past summer, Salomon athlete Courtney Dauwalter tackled two of the biggest ultra-trail races in the world with just 6 weeks in between each. Join Salomon ambassador, podcaster, and endurance athlete Rich Roll as he chats with Mike Ambrose, Salomon Trail Product Line Manager, about Courtney’s experiences, trail running shoes, the trail running culture, and […]

Grass Roots or Carbon Fiber: Where is Trail Running Headed?

The panel will discuss the future of US and global trail running and whether trends, like UTMB’s integration with Ironman and Fleet Feet’s acquisition of JackRabbit will have any impact on the trail community. The sport of trail running is growing approximately 15% per year and it has always resisted corporate conformity but perhaps those […]

The Emerging Science of Texture for Recovery

Foot recovery. One of the hottest topics in the running space, and undoubtedly a critical part of preventing running injuries. Despite the current buzz, the biggest barrier to successful foot recovery is consistency. Join Naboso founder and podiatrist Dr Emily Splichal as she explores the power of texture and sensory stimulation for optimizing foot function […]

The CURREX Difference: Unlocking Potential in Customer Satisfaction

At CURREX, our approach is completely different because our bodies move uniquely with varying activities. Understanding the need for a dynamic system through medical research, biometrics is at the core of each of our activity-based insoles. Unlock the potential of providing full service to your customers by offering them insoles specific to their intended activity […]

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