November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

The Emerging Science of Texture for Recovery

Foot recovery. One of the hottest topics in the running space, and undoubtedly a critical part of preventing running injuries. Despite the current buzz, the biggest barrier to successful foot recovery is consistency. Join Naboso founder and podiatrist Dr Emily Splichal as she explores the power of texture and sensory stimulation for optimizing foot function […]

The CURREX Difference: Unlocking Potential in Customer Satisfaction

At CURREX, our approach is completely different because our bodies move uniquely with varying activities. Understanding the need for a dynamic system through medical research, biometrics is at the core of each of our activity-based insoles. Unlock the potential of providing full service to your customers by offering them insoles specific to their intended activity […]

The Past and Future of Running is Local

Running is a dichotomy of community and individual sport. Running is universal and sits at the center of mental and physical health. It is a solo endeavor that builds community. Sounds like local retail, right? The world has changed, but the human desire to run and be part of a community has not. By focusing […]

Right to Run Panel | Presented by On

Swiss sportswear brand On has spent 2021 developing their first-ever Social Impact Partnerships program titled Right to Run. This program will be will be launching early 2022, and the Right to Run panel will feature On’s current Right to Run partners who are aligned with their mission of protecting and preserving runner’s fundamental right to […]

How to Survive & Thrive in the Digital Revolution

There’s no denying the digital revolution continues to change how customers engage with their favorite retailers. These days, embracing a digital strategy is a must, and eCommerce alone won’t cut it. So what’s the secret? Join Rob Anderson, Chief Operating Officer at the Run Free Project to find out how the right digital strategy brings […]

Activating Compression Sportswear

Learn about the secret of true compression technology and what it means for the new product category of activating sportswear, exclusively owned by CEP. Session Sponsored by: CEP Compression

The Running Community and a Business Case for Belonging

Saucony will host Global Bridgebuilders to discuss innovation through inclusion. The successful brands of tomorrow will be those that create authentic connection, giving customers a sense of real belonging and unlocking unprecedented scale as a result. Session Sponsored by: Saucony

TRE Training Camp Theater

Wednesday sessions in the TRE Training Camp Theater will be dedicated to recovery, apparel, footwear, hosiery and tech companies. Stay tuned for more details and individual sessions to come.

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