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Tom Griffen

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Tom Griffen follows the hot fires in his belly, and specialty run has been aflame for more than a decade. While still teaching middle school special ed, he cut his teeth with Fleet Feet. Started as a part-timer and eventually operated his own store before serving as the organization’s Director of Education. Tom stepped away to earn his Master’s degree in Creative Writing, but never stopped strategizing how to weave together storytelling and a quality customer experience.

Upon graduation, while plotting the next great American novel, he dabbled in freelance consulting. Found his calling. In 2016, TG Training and Education was born. Tom now builds relationships with hungry retail teams who seek to change their status quo. He’s the guy you call when you want to launch your already high performing team into the stratosphere. Or if you want a fresh perspective on the same ol’ same ol’.

In 2018, Tom walked across America. Wore out 7 pairs of shoes and ate way too much pizza between Santa Monica, CA and Coney Island, NY. Covered 3410 miles in 205 days. Set out to achieve a personal goal but quickly learned the walk wasn’t about him at all. It was more about the people he genuinely connected with along the way – a detail he couldn’t help but liken to what it means to be a good retailer.

Tom loves drinking a good double shot of espresso, carving decorative spoons, and writing reviews for poetry books. No longer an ultra runner, he now ultra walks. He lives in Carrboro, NC. See more at

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