November 19 - 21, 2024 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

The Running Event 2022 Speaker Agreement & Acknowledgment

Upon reading the agreement, please scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your acknowledgement.

Diversified Communications d/b/a The Running Event (hereinafter “TRE”), is pleased to welcome you as a presenter at the Running Event held November 29 – December 1, 2022 at the Austin Convention Center.

By execution of this agreement, I hereby agree to participate as a presenter at the 2022 The Running Event.

I understand that TRE reserves the right to record, reproduce, publish, and distribute my presentation and that it will be made available to conference attendees during and after the event. TRE understands and agrees that the above grant of rights does not constitute a transfer of copyright and that I remain free to present the materials or revised versions thereof at other events. TRE is hereby authorized to use my name, likeness, picture, and biographical material during and after the event to advertise and publicize any use of the work.

In granting this consent and release, I acknowledge and agree TRE shall be under no obligation to pay me for delivery of any service I perform as a result of this agreement, or for the permission/license that I have granted to TRE to record, reproduce, publish, and distribute the work as set forth above.

By acknowledging this agreement, I agree that I have full rights to the materials used in fulfillment in deliverance of the presentation.

If you are using copyrighted materials developed by others including charts, graphs, images, proprietary video or audiotaped material written permission is required from the copyright holder for reproduction and use. This written permission must be obtained by you and submitted along with your presentation materials. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless TRE, its officers, directors, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and other expenses, incurred by TRE on account of any act, omission, breach of this Agreement, or other activity conducted by presenter in connection with this Agreement.

TRE reserves the right to reject any materials submitted and to require revisions and resubmission if it determines such materials do not meet its requirements.  If you have questions about your presentation or our audience, we are happy to have a phone call meeting to review as you prepare the content.

Further, I will honor attendees by abstaining from overt statements or offensive humor, which would disparage the dignity of any individual or group. I will use non-discriminatory words in verbal and written communications. TRE recommends you review your material and substitute asexual words (e.g. sales representative or sales person instead of salesman); refrain from using labels (e.g., referring to women as “girls”); and eliminate sexist language in your handouts (i.e., replace masculine pronouns with he or she, or reword sentences or phrases). When you encourage audience participation, acknowledge and give equal opportunity for contribution. I agree to avoid discriminatory jokes or visual aids that show people in stereotypical roles by presenting individuals without bias regardless of sex, race, age, groups, etc. We meet to foster the exchange of information in the specialty retail industry and associated businesses by promoting networking opportunities among the attendees.  While engaging in these activities, attendees should avoid any discussions with competitors about customers or matters involving premiums, sale terms, territories, production, or any element of competition.

I acknowledge that I have read this consent and release prior to signing it and that I understand its contents. I understand that TRE is relying on this agreement and release and that my release and consent are irrevocable.

© Diversified Communications. All rights reserved.