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Tish Tily

Tish is a globally recognised expert in the Sports Bra industry. As co-founder of She Science, the world’s only Specialty Sports Bra store, she is passionate about building the industry to better cater to women of all shapes + sizes; for the new runner to the elite.

Her career has seen her work over a decade in running stores along with 10 years clinical experience as a Podiatrist (Australia). Her passion for improving the comfort, confidence + performance of female athletes combined with her past experience led to the development of her unique business model. She Science offers by appointment Sports Bra Fittings that draw a big crowd of loyal followers.

Tish is an advocate for continuous learning. She has completed Advanced Bra Fitting training facilitated by both local and international experts, as well as bespoke training with the University of Portsmouth Breast Health Research Group.

In addition to Tish’s depth of knowledge in sports bras and breast biomechanics, Tish is an award-winning digital marketing professional with a passion for business development and process automation.

When away from her laptop Tish can be found chasing after her two young kids, hitting the slopes of her local ski mountain, checking in for an F45 session or having a wine with friends.

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